Internet & ADSL

Are you still waiting to get online? Call IT Service Centre and we will give you necessary tech support to set up Internet connection and configure your e-mail.

IT Service Centre provides complete support to keep you online 24x7, absolutely safe and secure whether you use DSL or Cable or Broadband or Dialup or Lease Line one of the following ISPs or anything else.

Our services includes:-
  • Setup PC connection with ISP using your Router or Modem
  • Troubleshoot ISP connection Issues
  • Speed up your internet connection
  • Fix browsers issues like IE, Firefox, Chrome or Opera
  • Resolve Internet frequent disconnection issues
  • DNS Issues
  • Peer-to-Peer network setup and support
  • Fix your Voice Chat problem
  • Fix your Camera Chat Issues
  • Local FTP Server Setup
  • Configuring RDP and Ultra VNC
  • Firewalls set-up and configuration
  • VPN setup for remote desktop

Contact us for any of your internet help and Support.