Network Support

Building a computer network can be tricky. If it isn’t done correctly, your systems won’t be able to “talk” each other


IT Service Centre have experience in building a new office network from scratch whether you need to open a new office or connect it to your existing infrastructure. We offer network support services that are widely used in various establishments such as corporate, institutions and related fields.

What we do:

Network Management

We help you to monitor the strengths and weaknesses of your network, as well as determine any configuration changes that may be necessary so to maximize its performance.

Network Audit and Maintenance

System will eventually degrade in performance over time, so it requires maintaining it from time to time to improve the speed of your system.

We will help you

  • In maintaining your system to be secure and steady as possible.
  • Perform scheduled audits of routers, switches, and firewalls to pinpoint configuration errors before they affect network operations
  • Verify that network security policies have been implemented effectively, and ensure compliance with regulatory and industry requirements
  • Analyse network devices, topology, and routing information
  • Diagnose network issues
  • Identify topology, device, and configuration changes using a comprehensive network differences report
  • Publish comprehensive reports and automatically notify key staff about critical issues

The performance of a network infrastructure depends not only on the quality of its components, but also on the quality of the cabling installation. Each network infrastructure is installed and tested by trained quality assurance engineers and technicians.

We Supply following Services:

  • For new office or existing office spaces we supply data and voice cable installation ie Cat 5, 5e, 6 etc
  • Communication room installation
  • Fibre optic cable installation
  • Patch panel installation
  • Re-Termination of existing data cable and patch panels
  • Office equipment relocation services for modular furniture or open space office equipment rack
  • Network hub & switch installations
  • Complete Equipment Racking System
  • Surface mounts and flush wall plates for data jack.
Home Networking

Setting up your home network may be laborious, time consuming, and pose you many hurdles. Difficulties could arise from routers, modems, hubs, switches, etc. How does it affect you? Disruptive connectivity, slow data transfer, data loss, etc.

We make sure your network is unhindered with fast data transfer, with stable and smoothing functioning of hardware’s.

Some of our home networking support services includes the following:-

  • Connecting two or more computers.
  • Setting up modem, wired router or wireless routers. Some brands like :-
  • Wired and Wireless Home Networks.
  • Setting up Ethernets.
  • VOIP setup
  • Printer Sharing
  • Back-up systems.
  • Remote access.
  • Universal plug and play.
  • Wireless technical support.

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