Security of a computer against virus attack is a matter of serious concern. Presence of a single virus in your PC can leave it vulnerable to hackers’ attack. Don’t worry! We are here to take care of your computer’s security and provide complete security solutions.

Our support can help you in implementing and maintaining a powerful, multi-layered defence against viruses, spyware, and other malicious code. Our highly experienced technical experts will help you in installing good antivirus software and will then scan your PC to detect and remove computer viruses that helps you to keep your data safe and secure.

We can also help you in providing the following security solutions:

Anti Virus

Computer virus is the most common problem for all computer users. In spite of high security settings most of the computers have faced virus infection sometime or the other. Virus can easily corrupt or delete your important files from your PC. Therefore, it is important to install good antivirus software on your PC. Call us if you need any assistance for successful installation of antivirus software in your PC. Our tech experts will not only install antivirus software, but will also guide you through the process of scanning and removing virus using it.

We can help you resolve the following problems that you might be facing due to computer virus:

  • Slow computer performance
  • Computer crashes and restarts frequently
  • Unknown icons of programs on desktop
  • Disk and drivers are inaccessible
  • Malfunctioning of antivirus firewall software
  • Files and folders seem to disappear
  • Computer is freezing constantly
  • Blue error screen appearing

In addition to all these errors, our technical experts will also help you understand the precautions that you should take for safe Internet browsing. The best thing about our service is that we are available 24x7 to offer you safety from viruses right away.

Anti Spam Service

It is designed to allow the delivery of valid email while rejecting as much spam as possible when it first enters the network-before it reaches your server. As part of this process, your email is stored for seven days, so Anti Spam service gives you the added security of knowing that in the event that one of your mail servers goes offline for any reason, your email will be backed up from the last seven days. We Provides comprehensive, layered protection against email-borne threats blocking over 99% of spam. Call us is if you need any further assistance.

Data Security

Data security is the main concern of every computer users ranging from professionals to home users. There are several reasons due to which you may lose your important files and folders stored in your PC. Losing valuable data may trouble your business. Also, preventing data from unauthorized access in another matter of concern related to data security.
If you are concerned about data security in your computer, call us and we will take care of all related issues. We will install antivirus software, set firewall, scan your PC, and do everything needed to ensure complete safety and security of your computer.

We can help you resolve the following problems:

  • Data corrupted due to virus
  • Accidentally deleted files
  • Unauthorized access of files
  • Doubt of hacker attack

We can help you in implement data security on your PC to prevent your sensitive and confidential information from unauthorized access. Our technicians are geared 24x7 to help you protect your data all the time.

Adware & Spyware Removal

which we can help you resolve your entire virus related issues in minutes. We will install an adware and spyware removal tool in your PC and scan your PC to detect and remove adware and spyware.

We can assist you to set-up and configure your firewall to block unauthorized access to your computer and Internet network. We can shield your PC from hackers and security threats by optimizing your system’s security.

If you are facing any of the problems mentioned below then there is a probability that your PC might be infected with adware or spyware:

  • Slow computer performance
  • Frequent pop-up ads while visiting websites
  • Changes in host file settings
  • Software failure
  • Unexpected changes in browser settings
  • Unknown programs in Windows start-up program list
  • Problems in sending or receiving emails
Cleaners & Removal Tools

Registries are a very important part of every computer system. A small change in registry can cause consequences as sever as operating system failure. If any registry file gets corrupted it can prove to be fatal for the health of the computer. Therefore, in order for proper working of computer and cleaner registry, it needs a periodic clean up, which can only be performed by an expert.
We will clean your registry for removal of corrupt files. Our technical experts are well trained to understand the complexities of a registry and deal effectively with it.

We can help you resolve the following issues with your computer:

  • Slow boot-up process
  • Computer freezes/crashes
  • Blue screen appearing
  • Unknown error messages
  • Problems in installing/uninstalling applications on PC

We provide best technical support for fast and better performance of computer.

Contact us if you need any assistance.